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How to connect the delivery note printer to the computer

Time : 2022-11-30 Hits : 11

Printing the delivery note on the computer requires the delivery note printing software. In this article, we take the common delivery note software as an example to introduce how the delivery note printer is connected to the computer.

New delivery order:
Log in to the software, in the function navigation window, click "Business Processing" - "New Delivery Note" to open the delivery note filling interface, enter customer-related information and document details on the delivery note filling interface, and click "Confirm" Bill" button to save the delivery note.

Quick print delivery note:
After confirming the billing of the delivery note, you can print the delivery note. Click "Print" -> "Print" on the toolbar of the delivery note interface to quickly print the delivery note using the default print format template.

Before printing the delivery note, the system also supports previewing the printing effect of the delivery note. Click "Print" -> "Print Preview" to preview the printing effect of the delivery note printed according to the default printing format template.

Choose another format to print the delivery note:
There are multiple print format templates built in the software, and it also supports online download of print format templates. If you don’t like the default print format template, you can also use other print format templates for printing. Click "Print" on the toolbar of the delivery note interface —> "Select format to print" to select other print format templates to print the delivery note.

Download the print format template online:
Click "Print"-"Print Format Design" on the toolbar of the delivery note interface to open the "Delivery Note Print Format Design" window, in which you can add, modify and delete print format templates, and click the "Online Download" button You can open the "Online Download Print Format Template" window to download print templates online, and support preview styles and batch downloads.

The print format template downloaded online will be displayed in the print format design window of the delivery note. Right-click the mouse and select "Set as default format" in the pop-up interface to set the commonly used print format template as the default print format template for billing print quickly.

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