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How to choose the correct cosmetic sticker

Time : 2022-02-08 Hits : 5

The application of self-adhesive labels in the beauty industry can be said to be very extensive. With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, women's needs for cosmetics are becoming more and more diversified. Therefore, exquisite label patterns have become a more important consideration. Many factories have begun to pay more attention to the graphic printing design of cosmetics labels. At the same time, the good-looking label designs have attracted some consumers to a certain extent.


Generally speaking, the choice of cosmetics self-adhesive labels is mainly considered from the following three aspects:

1. For cosmetic bottles, it is best to use the same daily chemical label material as the bottle. This is because the expansion rate of the bottle of the same material is basically the same as the expansion rate of the label, and the label will not produce wrinkles and warpage when it is heated or cold contracted or squeezed.

2. The softness and hardness of the cosmetic bottle. The cosmetic bottles currently on the market are all soft, but there are also some rigid packaging that are not squeezed. Most printing companies choose polyolefin or polyethylene materials to stick to soft bottles because of their softness and good softness and followability, such as facial cleansers. On the contrary, we can choose BOPP materials with better transparency, especially liquid bottles, as daily chemical label materials for rigid bottles.

3. The transparency of cosmetic bottles can be divided into transparent, translucent and opaque. Self-adhesive label printing plants provide customers with different transparency of daily chemical label materials according to different transparency. The labels of PE material and polyolefin material have a frosted effect, while the BOPP material has good transparency, and it gives a "no label" feeling when attached to the cosmetic bottle.

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