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How much do you know about the types of cashier paper

Time : 2022-10-21 Hits : 6

Cashier paper may have now become a small part of our daily life, and many small supermarkets are now using it. Generally, the material of the cash register paper is the corresponding material suitable for printing out the internal parts of the cash register.

Different kinds of cash register paper

For general dot matrix printers, general 1-3 layers of printing paper can be used for printing;

In contrast to thermal print heads, which can only print on thermal paper.

Paper rolls suitable for recording cash register related information are mainly used to provide customers with a shopping list, which can be changed after application. Let's take a look at the different types of cash register paper.


According to the cash register paper made from thermal printing paper, these are single-layer, with a thermal chemical coating on the paper, which is printed with a laser thermal head to make a colored cash register paper. It is characterized by no printing consumables, no ribbons, ribbons, and ink cartridges; and the surface of the paper is smooth, and there will be obvious traces when scratching the paper with nails or hard objects.

Application: cash register paper, mobile POS machine, ATM roll paper, queuing machine, kitchen printing paper, thermal invoice, takeaway thermal paper, ordering machine paper, fax roll paper, movie ticket, train ticket, medical record paper.

Offset paper

Double-sided offset paper, also called double-sided offset paper, and uncoated paper, such as book or copy paper, are double-sided offset paper. The cash register paper made of double-offset paper is generally single-layer, with no coating on the paper surface, and the cash register paper is packaged and printed with ribbon.

Shelf life: more than ten years

Carbonless paper

Carbonless paper, NCR, also known as carbonless copy paper and pressure sensitive paper, is called carbonless paper because carbon material is not used to make this paper. Two or more layers are colored directly by the pressure of the print head. Change the toner copy method.

Color rendering principle:
Color development on paper: When using double-offset paper, the printing needle hits the ribbon, and the ink on the ribbon prints characters or graphics on the printing paper.

Application: cashier, teletype paper, computer printing paper

Printing roll paper

Print black labels, logos, commercial information, shopping terms or other text or images for advertising on rolls of various materials.

This is a detailed introduction to the above cashier paper types. Thermal registration paper is specially designed for printing paper for thermal printers. The product quality of the cash register paper will directly affect the printing effect and storage time, and even affect the service life of the printer. Therefore, we choose the cashier paper according to our needs. If you need to buy, you can contact us!

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