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How long is the storage time of thermal printing paper

Time : 2022-09-27 Hits : 10

Have you heard of thermal printing paper? Thermal printing paper is specially used for fax machines. There are many places where people can apply such paper, such as ECG drawings in medical institutions, thermal instrument data information recording paper in the mapping engineering design system, or paper used to make trademarks. These are all applied thermal printing paper. Because the raw materials for making this kind of paper are different from ordinary paper, the length of time that the data information recorded on it can be stored is also different from the length of time that the data information recorded on ordinary paper can be stored. How long can it actually be stored?

As we all know, the storage time of thermal label paper is limited. If the storage time is too long, the adhesive will be invalid, and the stickiness will be lost when it is dry and hard. The irrational storage method will speed up this process. Therefore, the following aspects should be paid special attention to the storage of thermal label paper:

1. Thermal label paper shall be protected from direct sunlight, and shall be waterproof, moisture-proof, sunscreen, high temperature weather and ultra-low temperature.
2. The printed labels shall be stacked in layers after being pasted and packaged, and shall not be too heavy to avoid glue penetration and adhesion.
3. It can be stored for one year at 23 ± 2 ℃ and RH65 ± 5% relative humidity, and some glue can reach two years.
4. Thermal label paper should be sealed with moisture-proof paper or film packaging when it is stored. Rolls should be stacked vertically. Flat sheets should be stored flat. The relative height of each board should not exceed 1m. The goods should be 10cm above the ground (wood pad).
5. The label should have an outer package. Personally, it is recommended that the plastic film be sealed and packaged again after each application. It can also ensure better storage conditions for the label.

The answer on how long the thermal printing paper can be stored is over. I believe you can also select the thermal printing paper with longer storage time according to the introduction of the method to judge the advantages and disadvantages of thermal printing paper.
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