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Have you noticed the small details of the supermarket cashier receipts?

Time : 2022-03-29 Hits : 5

Everyone must know the cashier receipt in the supermarket, but in fact, it is very particular here. Recently, many friends who run supermarkets want to know the format and schedule of cashier receipts. Today, I will share with you the scheduling settings of cashier receipts, hoping to give you a deeper understanding of cashier receipts.

1. Receipt paper

Front Desk - Settings - Cashier Template, you can select the receipt paper according to the size of the paper

80 (42 characters/48 characters) is only the number of characters in the document, and there is no actual difference in display. Normally, 48 characters can be selected.

2. Ticket header settings

Document type, serial number, (the serial number is the order serial number, not the default order number, you can search for the order serial number in the help center for usage), and other fields to display or hide

3. Product layout details

(1) Four default templates are provided for customers to choose from

(2) How to adjust the name beyond the display

At this time, we found that the number of characters in the product name is enough, but because the product name is too long, the display is incomplete. At this time, we can change the left end of the truncation to newline processing, so as to complete the display of the product name.

Before the adjustment, the name of the product was not displayed completely, and the left side was truncated.

After adjustment, the product name is displayed completely

(3) How to deal with errors in the details and title of the bill

At this point, we see that the item name, quantity, amount and other fields of the checkout are misplaced with the title above and need to be adjusted

When adjusting, we check the line break of the product name, and display the barcode, quantity, amount and other parameters on a separate line, and align with the title above. At the same time, the number of characters of the product name can be enlarged to display it completely on one line.

4. Total sales

(1) Display or hide parameter settings such as the purchase price of the product, the actual payment amount, the original price amount, and the total quantity.

(2) The barcode can be set for size and display position

5. Member information

PLUS discount, member name, member number, remaining coupons and other parameter settings to display or hide

6. Other parameters

For the case where the top of the checkout is left blank or the bottom is not fully printed and needs to be manually fed, you can set the number of paper feeding lines at the front/tail of the bill.

7. Ticket header and footer settings

Store: The name of the store representative of the store can be set to hide, and the font size can also be set

Header: The header is displayed at the top of the checkout, supports custom name, and can set the font size

Ticket footer: The ticket footer is displayed in the center at the bottom of the checkout, supports custom names, and the font size cannot be adjusted

Phone: File management - set in store information

Address: File management - set in store information

Remarks: Enter the remarks when ordering and display them at the checkout

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