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Five points should be paid attention to when using label paper in winter

Time : 2021-11-12 Hits : 7

In a cold environment, the viscosity of the self-adhesive label decreases as the temperature decreases. Therefore, the following five points should be paid attention to when using label paper in winter:

1. The temperature should not be too low
When the self-adhesive label is placed outdoors or in a cold environment, it is easy to cause frostbite to the material, especially the glue part. If it is not restored properly, the sticker will lose its tack. Therefore, the greenhouse for storing label paper is too low.

2. Pretreatment
It is very important to pre-treat label paper in cold areas. If the temperature of the self-adhesive label on the label paper is too low and frostbite because it cannot meet the required transportation and storage conditions, even if the label environment temperature meets the requirements, the adhesiveness of the self-adhesive label will decrease. Affected due to inability to recover in time. Therefore, in the above cases, the self-adhesive label paper should be placed in the label environment for a period of time before the labeling operation to restore and restore the temperature of the material;

3. Control the marking temperature
The sticker label temperature is the lowest ambient temperature that can be operated. The use temperature of the self-adhesive label refers to the applicable ambient temperature range when it is pasted on the sticking surface (usually 24 hours). After the label temperature is normal, label paper can be used within this temperature range. Any type of self-adhesive material has a relevant labeling temperature, and the viscosity of the self-adhesive label is lower than the temperature of the self-adhesive label, which will cause the label paper and the box to warp;

4. Clean the surface of the sticker
Appropriate label pressure can ensure the pressure-sensitive characteristics of the self-adhesive label. At the same time, it can eliminate the air between the sticker and the surface. In order to make the registered trademark firm and smooth, surface cleanliness is also an important factor to ensure adhesion and smoothness.
There are three main types of surface cleaning:
a. There are water droplets, mist and impurities on the surface of the sticker;
b. There is oil or solution on the surface of the sticker;
c. There is a release agent on the pasted object;

5. Do not move after labeling
It usually takes some time for the self-adhesive label to reach the peak after the label is applied. It is not suitable for the container or product that has just been placed on the label paper to be placed in an environment with a large temperature difference. Otherwise, the glue will be affected. Due to temperature changes, film labels and containers will heat and shrink, and label paper are more likely to appear when they are wet or dehydrated. These changes are not conducive to the best adhesive properties of the glue.

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