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FAQ When Purchasing Carbonless Printing Paper

Time : 2021-09-22 Hits : 10

When choosing carbonless printing paper, pay attention to whether the outer packaging of the paper is damaged (if the outer packaging is damaged or deformed, it may cause the paper inside to develop color). B: Open the outer package and check whether the inner package has a certificate, whether the paper is damp, whether it is wrinkled, whether the color can meet the requirements you want (usually tear off a copy and write a few on it in normal writing Then look at the color rendering of the last layer) C: Confirm whether the specifications of the printing paper are what you need, so as not to cause unnecessary waste and trouble.

How to solve the problem of non-carbon paper color development or unclear color development (except for the quality of base paper)?
● No color may be caused by loading the printing paper upside down, just reload the paper.
● The cause of the unclear color may be insufficient pressure of the printer or broken needles in the print head. You can increase the printing strength to check whether there are broken needles.
● Color development is a chemical process that is greatly affected by the environmental temperature, especially in winter when the temperature is low, the chemical reaction activity is slow, and you cannot see clear writing immediately after printing. This is a normal phenomenon.

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