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Factors to consider when purchasing self-adhesive labels

Time : 2023-10-19 Hits : 6

As a common sticker in modern life, self-adhesive labels are widely used in various fields. Whether in logistics, packaging, retail or personal use, we should consider some important factors when purchasing self-adhesive labels. This article will introduce the key factors to consider when purchasing self-adhesive labels.

1. Adhesion performance
First of all, we should consider the adhesive properties of self-adhesive labels. A good self-adhesive label should adhere firmly to the target surface and be difficult to peel off. We can choose labels with high-quality adhesives that maintain good adhesion properties in various environments and conditions.

2. Weather resistance and water resistance
For self-adhesive labels used outdoors or in environments exposed to water, weather resistance and water resistance are very important considerations. Weather resistance refers to the label's ability to withstand extreme weather conditions such as sunlight, heat, and cold without fading or deformation. Water resistance refers to the label's ability to maintain its quality and readability in humid environments. We can choose specially treated self-adhesive labels to ensure their effectiveness in harsh environments.

3. Printing effect
Self-adhesive labels are often used to convey important information or showcase product features. Therefore, the printing effect is also a factor that needs to be considered when purchasing. A good self-adhesive label should have clear and bright printing effect, and the text and pattern should be clearly legible. We can choose experienced suppliers or test samples to evaluate the label printing effect.

4. Environmental protection
With the improvement of environmental awareness, purchasing environmentally friendly self-adhesive labels has become a trend. Environmental protection is mainly reflected in two aspects: materials and adhesives. We can choose labels made from renewable materials or choose low-volatility, solvent-free adhesives to reduce our environmental impact.

5. Size and shape
Finally, we also need to consider whether the size and shape of the self-adhesive label meet actual needs. According to different uses and application scenarios, choose the appropriate size and shape of the self-adhesive label to ensure that it meets the usage requirements.

When purchasing self-adhesive labels, we need to comprehensively consider factors such as adhesion performance, weather resistance and water resistance, printing effect, environmental protection, size and shape. Only by selecting suitable self-adhesive labels according to actual needs can we meet the needs of various fields and achieve effective application of labels. Hopefully the factors provided above will help you make an informed decision when purchasing self-adhesive labels.


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