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Drying method of thermal paper printing ink

Time : 2022-04-25 Hits : 1

There are physical and chemical methods to promote the drying of thermal paper printing ink. The drying method of thermal paper printing ink is determined by the type of ink, that is to say, it is determined by the binder of the ink and its ratio. of.

The drying of thermal paper printing ink is also complicated by the fact that most of the substrates are paper with porous surface properties. In most cases, the drying of thermal paper printing ink is completed in a combination of two or more forms. of. For example, after the thermal paper printing ink is transferred from the printing plate to the surface of the paper, a part of the binder in the thermal paper printing ink penetrates into the paper fibers. At the same time, the solvent in the thermal paper printing ink begins to volatilize. The bonding material on the surface also begins to undergo chemical and physical reactions, which increases the dryness and hardness of the surface ink film, completes the drying process, and forms a solid film layer. However, due to the different types and ratios of binders in thermal paper printing inks, thermal paper printing inks are also dominated by a certain drying form to complete their drying process.

Different printing methods need to use different types of inks to meet the requirements of different types of printing plates. Letterpress printing is mostly done on newsprint. Due to the loose quality of newsprint and high printing speed requirements, most of the printing inks are made of crude oil and resin as the main linking material, and the drying form is also mainly infiltration drying. , lithographic printing uses resin-based inks that are dried by oxidation conjunctiva; and gravure printing and flexographic printing, which mostly use non-absorbent substances as substrates, use resin inks containing a high proportion of volatile solvents, so the drying method must be Mainly volatile drying.

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