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Do you know that the weight of computer printing paper also depends on the weight?

Time : 2022-04-23 Hits : 2

Papermaking is an important invention of the ancient Chinese working people. Through historical development, the quality, thickness and color of paper have been gradually improved, and paper with various uses has been distinguished. Maybe you don't know that computer printing paper also has grams. The higher the grams, the higher the density, and the thicker the computer printing paper.

Tips for purchasing computer printing paper: The grams of computer printing paper refers to the weight of the paper per square meter, for example, 80g means that the weight of the paper per square meter is 80g.

1. Offset paper:There is also called Daolin paper, which is divided into single and double sides. The common ones are 60g, 70g, 80g, 100g, 120g, 140g;

2. Coated paper:also known as coated paper, this kind of paper is coated with a layer of white slurry on the original paper. The surface is smooth, there are two types of single and double sides, 60g light coating, common ones are 80g, 100g, 128g, 210g, 157g, 300g, 350g;

3. White cardboard:It is a thick and firm cardboard, suitable for printing and product packaging. Common weights are 220g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g;

4. Packaging paper:generally divided into gray background white, white background white, copper plate white card, etc., different specifications and brands are different in gram weight.

When choosing a suitable computer printing paper for printing, don't ignore the thickness, only the suitable one is the best. Generally, you can consult the manufacturer before production. Professional printing factories will have print samples to see. It is always right to ask more. If conditions permit, the thickness of the paper can be judged by hand on the spot, and the country also has corresponding standards in this regard.

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