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Do you know how to distinguish the quality of printing paper from bad?

Time : 2022-04-23 Hits : 2

Printing is a routine operation in many people's daily work, and the quality of the output of the printer is not only related to the performance of the printer itself, but also related to the printing paper we use every day. In order to control procurement costs, many companies blindly covet low prices and buy not only low-quality printing paper, but also problems such as damp paper, electrostatic reaction, and wet handwriting, which will also arouse the staff. irritability, then how to buy satisfactory office paper? Let's find out together this time!

paper thickness. Ordinary copy paper can be distinguished by weight, common ones are 70g, 80g, 90g, 100g. Usually, 70g of office paper can meet most of the office printing needs. It is not recommended to purchase copy paper with a weight of less than 60 grams. Because these papers are relatively thin, they are prone to wrinkles when used in print output devices, and the coefficient of friction between the papers is relatively large, which can easily cause multi-page feeding and paper jams, which will seriously affect the life of the device.

The thinner the paper of the same weight, the higher the processing level, the higher the density, the better the moisture resistance, stiffness, smoothness and copying effect. A pack of 70 grams of A4 copy paper (standard 500 sheets) weighs 2.19 kg; while a pack of 80 grams of A4 copy paper (standard 500 sheets) weighs 2.5 kg. If the weight is insufficient, it means that the weight is not enough or there is a problem with the number of sheets.

Neutral and acidic to distinguish. From the production process of copy paper, it can be divided into acid paper and neutral paper. Neutral paper is 100% wood pulp. It has long wood pulp fibers and good bonding force between fibers, so the fibers are not easy to fall off during friction with the equipment, that is, it is not easy to generate dust, which has a good protective effect on the machine and the operator. , and no corrosion, so that the paper is not easy to fade and can be stored for a long time, without static electricity, and it is harmless to human health.

The acidity copy paper is a mixed pulp of wood pulp and straw pulp, and the straw pulp fiber is short, which is easy to generate dust. Acidic paper has a corrosive effect, making the paper easy to change color, not easy to store for a long time, and easy to produce acid gas at high temperature, which is harmful to human body.

Choice on white background. Copier paper is distinguished by color, and can be divided into two categories: bleached and white. Bleached paper is whiter, and the effect is better when the text is printed, which increases the overall aesthetics. It is recommended to use it for the exterior. If it is used by individuals at home or in the company, it is recommended to choose white copy paper, which is beneficial to protect the eyes, because under the light, the paper that is too white will reflect strong glare, causing glare and long-term use and even affect vision. .

The stiffness of the paper. Some papers are not necessarily suitable for copiers even though they have the right number of grams. The reason is that weight and stiffness are two different things, and often due to poor stiffness, they will wrinkle and block if they encounter a little resistance during transmission.

Surface luminosity. Generally static electricity, the surface brightness is slightly higher, if it is too smooth, it is not good for fixing, and it is not easy to cure. According to the requirements, single-sided adhesive paper can be used (single-sided copying). it is good. The surface of the copy paper is preferably white.

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