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Difference between label and thermal paper

Time : 2022-09-09 Hits : 7

The main reason is different printing methods. Thermal paper has a thermal coating, so carbon tape printing is not required (storage time is short). Label must be printed with carbon tape (long storage time). If you can tell, use your nails to slide quickly on the tissue layer. If it turns black, it's thermal paper.

Thermosensitive adhesive is a colorless thermosensitive coating on the surface of ordinary offset paper. The thermal sensitive coating is mainly composed of coupling agent, color developing agent and sensitizer. Coupler for thermal paper, usually colorless or light stable powder, will develop color under certain conditions (thermal energy). Let's call this label a thermal paper label.

The application of thermal paper labels is widely used for information labels, such as price labels and other retail purposes. Daily chemical industry, medical industry, electronics industry, supermarket logistics industry. According to the author's survey and statistics, in the field of online e-commerce retail, there is a large demand for thermal paper labels as a roll label, which shows that thermal paper labels are widely used.

1. Different characteristics
Thermal label paper is waterproof, oil proof, alcohol proof and scratch proof. I was scratched by nails, and the scratch is not obvious. Self adhesive paper is only waterproof, and it will leave deep black scratches on the paper.

2. Different materials
The thermal paper is made of domestic high-quality paper, which is white in texture, fast in color development, clear in printing, waterproof, oil proof, alcohol proof, scratch proof and other properties. The storage time is about 24 months. On the paper, the surface looks like a layer of wax, and the scratch is not obvious; It is widely used in Shangchao electronic scale, paper making, clothing, international logistics and other river basins.
In label, high-strength white board paper is used as the base paper, and self-adhesive is coated to become label. Purpose: to print trademarks and labels on label.

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