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Development trend of thermal paper and advantages of thermal paper

Time : 2023-03-09 Hits : 6

With the extensive application of thermal paper in retail, finance, clothing, freight logistics, diagnosis and treatment and other industries, the sales market of thermal paper printing paper in China has developed steadily, especially the rapid development of finance, diagnosis and treatment, printing and other industries, and the demand for thermal paper is also increasing. There is a strong demand for thermal paper in China, and the improvement of consumption level has greatly promoted the development of retail businesses such as shopping malls and restaurants, thus promoting the market demand for thermal paper labels and cash register paper, and then thermal paper has become a hot consumable.

Advantages of rapid development of thermal paper:

1. The printing shall be smooth, without paper jam or omission.
2. Special protective layer, long storage time before application, and no fading
3. It is waterproof, oil-proof and friction-proof through the three-proofing test.
4. Stable color rendering, rich font and diversified color rendering.
5. Green and environmentally friendly, thermal printing paper does not contain BPA, and can safely pass the export test, safe and harmless.

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