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Detailed explanation of types and specifications of needle type computer printing paper

Time : 2023-06-16 Hits : 4

A needle printer is a traditional printing device that uses a needle to pass through a carbon belt and strike the printing paper for printing. Due to its clear and reliable printing effect, it has been widely used in some fields such as bill printing and invoice printing. The paper used in needle printers is also very special, as it needs to be able to withstand the impact of the needle and not easily damaged. Below, let's provide a detailed introduction to the types and specifications of needle computer printing paper.


Firstly, there are two types of needle type computer printing paper, namely single layer and multi-layer. Single layer needle computer printing paper has only one layer and is usually used for simple printing tasks, such as printing simple lists, labels, etc. And multi-layer needle computer printing paper consists of two or more layers of paper with different colors, usually used for printing bills that need to be copied.

Secondly, there are different specifications for needle type computer printing paper. According to national standards, they are respectively 241mm × 279mm and 381mm × 279mm. Among them, 241mm × 279mm is the smaller and most common specification. This specification of needle type computer printing paper is suitable for ordinary ticket printing, receipt printing, and other scenarios. And 381mm × The 279mm specification is suitable for larger bill printing, bill printing, and other scenarios.

In addition to the above two specifications, there are other specifications for needle computer printing paper, such as 210mm × 297mm A4 size, 105mm × 241mm envelope specifications, etc. These specifications have their own applicable scenarios, so when selecting paper, it is necessary to choose according to actual needs.

In short, needle computer printing paper is a type of paper specifically used for needle printers, with two types of single-layer and multi-layer, as well as multiple specifications. Suitable for fields such as bill printing, invoice printing, and bill printing. When selecting paper, it is necessary to choose according to actual needs to ensure printing effect and user experience.

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