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Common Types of Packaging Labels

Time : 2024-01-22 Hits : 8

Packaging labels are ubiquitous in daily life, from beverage bottles, laundry detergent containers, cosmetic packaging, and more. Do you know the differences between these labels? Let me introduce you to the common types of packaging labels:

1. Shrink Sleeve Label

- Widely used in the beverage and daily chemical industries
- The label material is usually PVC or PS, adhesive-free
- Wraps around the bottle 360°, providing support and reducing bottle weight
- Cost-effective
- High production efficiency, labeling speed up to 36,000 bottles/h


2. Wrap-around Label

- Widely used in food and daily chemical applications
- The label material is typically transparent BOPP or white pearl film, bonded with hot melt adhesive
- Wraps around the bottle 360°
- Poor direct adhesion to the bottle (prone to looseness and wrinkling)
- Cost-effective
- High production efficiency


3. In-Mold Label

- Mainly used in food and daily chemical fields, especially in demanding environments such as low surface energy containers (prone to deformation) or products stored at low temperatures and high humidity
- The label material is PP or PE, integrating with the container for better weather resistance, adhesive-free
- Usually used with extrusion blow molding or injection molding processes, resulting in lower production efficiency.


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