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Common problems and precautions on food label

Time : 2021-11-12 Hits : 12

1. There are strict regulations on the production date, and no pasting, reprinting or tampering is allowed. When the same prepackaged food contains multiple products with different production dates, the earliest produced product should be marked, or the production date of each food should be marked separately.

2. When labeling the content of the label, the label part of the product implementation standard must also be considered. For example: the label content of mineral water that meets the implementation standard of GB 8537, in addition to the label of GB 7718, must be labeled in accordance with the labeling requirements of Article 8.1 of GB 8537. The content includes: the name of the water source, the limit of compliance index, the total dissolved solid content, and the content of main cations (K, Na, Ca2, Mg2). When the fluorine content is greater than 1.0 mg/L, fluorine should be indicated, and the gas or inflatable product must also be indicated with the product type.

3. The name of the food should be consistent in multiple positions on the label. It is often seen that the names of prominent locations on the label's homepage are not consistent with the names of other foods. For example, the food name in a prominent position on the main display page is marked as "beef strips", and the label on the back label is marked as "beef-flavored gluten products".

4. From the inspection results, the format of many products is correct, but the marked content value and NRV value do not meet the error range specified in GB 28050 (not less than 80% or not more than 120%). The main reasons are that the source and quality of raw materials are unstable, the type and production cycle of the inspection have not been discovered, and the data source is too single and unknown. This is caused by many reasons, such as replication. The only solution is to allow manufacturers to develop a comprehensive and scientific inspection plan covering items and cycles, fully obtain product data and standardize labels.

5. When designing the label, the final influence of the processing performance of the packaging material on the final label must also be considered. For example, a label made of heat-shrinkable film needs to be appropriately enlarged in design to avoid the reduction of the character height due to the heat-shrinkable packaging of the finished label. Consider controlling the position of the content on the main display surface to avoid hiding or covering the marked content due to flat bends and edge sealing.

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