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Come and learn how to place thermal printing paper

Time : 2022-08-20 Hits : 11

The products on the market now exist for people's needs. If people don't need it, it will be eliminated. Thermal printing paper has not disappeared since it was produced, indicating that people need to use it, which can bring convenience to people's lives. Some people may be exposed to thermal printing paper and printers in their lives. For example, thermal paper is used in the printing of small tickets in supermarkets. However, the use of thermal printing paper is difficult for many people. Now let's go and see how to put the thermal printing paper correctly.

Thermal paper placement steps of thermal printer

It is very convenient to put thermal paper on the thermal printer, just like an ordinary copier.

(1) Open the cover of the thermal printer, put the thermal printing paper in the special place of the printer, spread it out and put it neatly.

(2) Then close the cover, operate the thermal printer on the operation panel of the thermal printer, input the file data to be printed, and click start.

(3) After the operation is completed, the thermal printing paper will be pulled out at the output port of the thermal printer. We can check whether the text has been printed, so as to determine whether our placement method is correct.

Placement steps of thermal paper of POS machine

(1) First, we need to open the cover of the place where the thermal paper is placed on the POS machine, and then put the thermal paper in the slot according to the way shown in the picture.

(2) After placing it, pull out the paper for a section, so that the paper inside can be rotated out after the POS machine runs.

(3) Close the cover of the POS machine and open it to see if it can run.

(4) After the POS machine runs, we can use our fingernails to draw on the paper we take out. If a trace can be drawn, it means that the POS machine can print words on the thermal printer paper.
In fact, thermal printing paper is used in many other places in our life. We should learn to draw inferences from one instance. You can analogize placing thermal printing paper according to the above method. This is a very simple operation step. If you can't put the thermal printing paper on the printer at first, you can simply place the thermal printing paper correctly according to the above method. Have you learned?

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