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Color inkjet printing paper difference

Time : 2022-01-26 Hits : 4

With the continuous development of electronic information technology, the demand for high-quality digital printing is growing rapidly. Color inkjet printing has been widely used, and color inkjet printing paper, which is the main consumable for inkjet printing, has attracted people's attention because of its very large market potential and broad development prospects.

(1) Classification of color inkjet printing paper

Inkjet printing paper can be divided into two categories: one is coated inkjet printing paper, and the other is plain paper that has not been processed by a coating machine. There are two main types of coated inkjet paper that are frequently used in the market, namely general color inkjet paper and high gloss photo paper. Color inkjet printing paper is generally used to print renderings, advertising posters, etc., mainly to highlight the effect of colorful colors and authenticity; in addition to photo paper, it also needs to achieve a corresponding level of mirror smoothness and better quality. Printing ink absorbency. It is a combination of strong absorption and high smoothness, so as to achieve clear image layers, saturated colors, and strong color rendering in the printing process, similar to photo-level image effects. Photo paper is a high-quality inkjet printing paper widely used in the commercial field, but it absorbs liquids at a low rate and has poor water resistance.

(2) Specifications for performance indicators of color inkjet printing paper

1.  It has good recordability, very strong ink absorption, faster ink absorption, small ink droplet diameter, and looks like a circle.

2. The recording speed is relatively fast, that is, the density is high, the tone is continuous, and the picture is clear.

3. Good preservation, the picture has corresponding waterproof and light resistance, and has corresponding preservation in indoor or outdoor.

4. The coating has corresponding fastness and strength, the coating is not easy to be scratched, has no static electricity, has corresponding smoothness, is resistant to bending, and is resistant to bending and stretching.

5. The color reproduction is good, and the authenticity can be restored to the original color. Ink dot density is high, color saturation is good, and there is sufficient color cast density.

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