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Classification of thermal labels

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Thermal labels are labels that use thermal printing technology, and they are commonly used for marking and label printing in commercial and industrial fields. These tags have many different properties and are therefore classified differently. This article will introduce several common thermal label classification methods.

1. Classification by material

According to the material, thermal labels can be divided into two categories: direct heat conduction labels and indirect heat conduction labels. Direct thermal conduction labels need to be coated with a layer of heat-sensitive paint on the surface. When the thermal head heats up, the heat will be transferred to the label paper through the coating. The indirect heat transfer label uses a film as a medium to transfer heat energy. After the thermal head heats the film, the film heats the label paper to generate the image.

2. Classification according to application scenarios

According to the application scenarios, thermal labels can be divided into three categories: ordinary paper labels, waterproof labels and high temperature labels. Ordinary paper labels are usually used in ordinary office environments, such as flat printing, barcode printing, etc. Waterproof labels are usually used outdoors or in wet environments, such as logistics labels, shipping labels, etc. High-temperature labels are suitable for use in industrial environments, such as marking and labeling on automotive production lines.

3. Classification according to viscosity

Thermal labels can be divided into two categories according to their adhesiveness: permanent and removable. Permanent adhesive means that once the label is attached, it cannot be easily peeled off. This kind of label is usually used in occasions that require long-term retention, such as product labels and barcode labels. Removable adhesive means that the label can be easily removed without leaving glue residue. This kind of label is usually used in occasions that need to be replaced frequently, such as price labels and packaging labels.


Thermal labels can be classified according to various aspects such as materials, application scenarios and viscosity. Understanding these classification methods can help users choose the most suitable thermal label for their needs, and can improve the efficiency and quality of label printing.

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