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Classification of common cash register paper

Time : 2021-08-31 Hits : 10

Common specifications of thermal cash register paper:
57x50, 57x60, 57x80, 75x50, 75x60, 75x80, 80x50, 80x60, 80x80, etc. Suzhou receipt paper

Common specifications of ordinary double offset paper:
44x40, 57x60, 70x60, 75x60, 75x80, 82x70, 82x80, etc.

Common specifications of carbonless cash register paper:
57x40 double-layer, 57x60 double-layer, 75x60 double-layer, 75x60 three-layer, 241x100 double-layer, 241x100 three-layer, etc.

Thermal cash register paper is generally divided into three layers, the bottom layer is a paper base, the second layer is a thermal coating, and the third layer is a protective layer. The thermal coating or protective layer mainly affects its quality. If the coating of the thermal cash register paper is not uniform, printing will result in different shades of color; if the chemical formula of the thermal cash register paper’s coating is unreasonable, the storage time of the thermal cash register paper after printing will be shortened. The protective layer is also critical to the storage time after printing. It can absorb a part of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermal coating to slow down the deterioration of the thermal cash register paper.

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