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Can the long term thermal paper pos machine be used?

Time : 2022-10-08 Hits : 7

The appearance of long-acting thermal paper has reassured many people who use it, because its long storage time perfectly complements the shortcomings of ordinary thermal paper. However, some people ask, can the long-acting thermal paper pos machine be used?
Long term thermal paper can be stored for 5 years after printing (at room temperature and away from direct sunlight), and even for 10 years. However, if the formula of thermal coating is unreasonable, it may only be stored for a few months. The protective coating is also critical to the storage time after printing. It can absorb some of the light that causes the chemical reaction of the thermosensitive coating and slow down the deterioration of the printing paper.
The thermal paper used by Pos machine is also called thermal fax paper, thermal recording paper and thermal copy paper. In Taiwan, it is called thermal carbon paper. It is a communication carrier for fax machine and pos machine to transmit text and graphics, namely fax paper and receipt of small bills.
Ordinary pos thermal paper is not suitable for long-term storage, but good thermal paper can be stored for 30 years or even longer. The quality of thermal paper can be identified from three aspects:
1. Appearance: If the paper is very white, it indicates that the protective coating and thermal sensitive coating of the paper are unreasonable. If too much phosphor is added, the better paper should be slightly green. The paper finish is not high or looks uneven, indicating that the paper coating is uneven. If the paper looks very reflective, it also adds too much phosphor, which is of poor quality.
2. Fire baking: The method of fire baking is also very simple. Use a lighter to heat the back of the paper. If the color on the paper is brown after heating, it indicates that the heat sensitive formula is unreasonable and the storage time may be short. If the black part of the paper has small stripes or uneven color blocks, it indicates that the coating is uneven. The paper with good quality should be dark green (with a little green) after heating, and the color block is uniform, and the color gradually fades from the center to the periphery.
3. Comparison and identification of sunlight: the printed paper is smeared with a fluorescent pen and then exposed to the sun (which can accelerate the reaction of the thermal sensitive coating to light). The faster the paper turns black, the shorter the storage time.

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