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Can supermarket cashier receipts be used as reimbursement vouchers

Time : 2022-04-13 Hits : 5

Everyone has seen the supermarket cashier receipts, but many times we travel for business, and the food during the period can basically be reimbursed. So, can the supermarket cashier receipts be used as reimbursement vouchers? Follow along with me to find out!

At present, there are two types of cashier receipts in supermarkets:

1. Large supermarket
Roller-type invoices are produced under the unified supervision of the whole country. They are formal invoices recognized by the taxation bureau, and have the stamp of supervision of the taxation department on them. Can be reimbursed.

2. Small supermarket
A simple shopping list is not a formal invoice and cannot be reimbursed. If you need reimbursement, you can use the cashier receipt to exchange for a valid invoice from the supermarket finance.

Most domestic shopping receipts cannot be used as official invoices, and there are generally instructions on how long they can be invoiced. At this time, if you need to use an invoice, you should issue an official invoice accordingly within the validity period; there are also some shopping receipts. Print it out directly with the template of the invoice, so that it can be used as an invoice.

Invoices play an extremely important role in social and economic activities in our country. Invoices have the characteristics of legitimacy, authenticity, uniformity and timeliness. They are one of the most basic accounting original documents. It is an important basis for the state to supervise economic activities, maintain economic order, and protect the safety of state property.

The contents of the invoice generally include:

Ticket header, character track number, copy number and purpose, customer name, bank account number, business (product) name or business item, unit of measurement, quantity, unit price, amount, and capital and lowercase amount, handler, unit seal, invoice date etc. The special VAT invoices used by units that implement value-added tax shall also include tax types, tax rates, and tax amounts.

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