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Can brushed silver stickers be coated

Time : 2022-11-30 Hits : 5

If you want to ask me, what is my favorite material? Then I’ll tell you—the popularity of brushed materials, copper plate materials, and the enchantress style of laser materials all lose to the atmosphere and magnificence of brushed materials. The appearance and appearance are the same, showing the nobleness of the material, and the personality of gold and silver, which makes the product more choices. The designer's simple hook and omission, coupled with the master's exquisite craftsmanship, a beautiful and extraordinary work is completed.

Patterns can be printed directly on pet brushed silver cardboard, which can be achieved through uv printing. Color printing generally requires white ink and then color printing, and UV printing can not fade. Ordinary ink printing needs oil protection. Patterns can be printed directly on pet brushed silver cardboard, using uv printer equipment.

A brushed silver self-adhesive exterior panel relates to an electrical exterior panel, including an exterior panel, a brushed silver self-adhesive, a double-sided adhesive and a film, the brushed silver self-adhesive is pasted on the exterior panel, and the double-sided adhesive is pasted on the brushed silver self-adhesive On the dry glue, the film is pasted on the double-sided adhesive tape. The invention has the beneficial effects of low material cost, simple processing technology, and self-adhesive brushed silver panel that can completely replace the metal wire drawing process panel.

Teflon coating needs to be sintered to the metal surface, that is to say, it needs a high temperature to form a film. It reacts at this temperature, volatilizes the solvent and other additives in it, and the remaining coating forms a uniform and dense film at high temperature. Only one layer will be effective. If it is fluorine plastic, it can be glued with self-adhesive, but the adhesion of that thing is not good.

The thickness of brushed silver stickers is divided into 25# brushed silver, 50# brushed silver, 100# brushed silver and so on. The brushed silver self-adhesive material is formed through the treatment and coating of PET, and the technical requirements of the equipment are very high.

Brushed silver stickers are based on PET aluminized film, backing paper, and glue. PET, also known as polyester film, is chemically stable, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and not easy to deform. Brushed Silver Label has advanced coating and cutting equipment and adopts world-renowned raw material suppliers, specializing in the production of brushed gold self-adhesive materials.

It is suitable for label printing, printing, laser printing, etc. It is widely used in plastic bottles such as food and beverage, cosmetics, washing products, batteries, etc., the outer packaging standard sleeve of bottle caps, etc. Brushed silver self-adhesive is chemically stable, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, printable, printable and not easy to change the high-gloss shrink film for smoke.

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