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Application industry of self-adhesive stickers

Time : 2021-11-12 Hits : 9

Do you know where the self-adhesive stickers can be used? As a product that we use more in our lives, its use value is relatively high. Self-adhesive stickers refer to printed matter printed on a composite material with paper, film or other special materials as the fabric, adhesive on the back, and a composite material with oiled protective paper as the base paper. The adhesive on the back can be glued to the needs. Bonding places are often used in these aspects. If you are more interested, you can take a look. It should be helpful to you.

1. Commodity industry
This industry also often uses self-adhesive labels. In this industry, self-adhesive labels are often used as price tags, product description labels, barcode labels, and shelf labels. The label of this industry is also more people contact, because people will encounter this kind of label as long as they buy goods or go to the supermarket.

2. Electrical industry
If you have carefully observed the electrical appliances you buy, you should be able to find that most electrical appliances are affixed with this type of label, and this type of label is often used as a description of these appliances.

3. Packaging industry
If you want to talk about the industries in which self-adhesive labels will be used, everyone’s answer must be the packaging industry, because a self-adhesive label is affixed on the outer packaging of many products. In addition, the packaging industry can be further subdivided, such as mail parcels, letter packaging, and information labels on express packaging.

This article introduces the application industry of self-adhesive stickers. I hope you will know more about self-adhesive stickers. If you want to know more about self-adhesive stickers, please pay more attention to us.

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