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Application and advantages of coated paper labels

Time : 2023-05-06 Hits : 5

With the continuous development and diversification of commodities, labels have become an indispensable part of various industries. Coated paper labels have become a very popular choice in the label making process. Coated paper labels have many advantages, and their applications and advantages will be introduced below.


Coated paper labels are generally widely used in the following fields:

1. Food industry: Coated paper labels can be used on wine bottles, cans, health food and other products, and can carry relevant information such as ingredient lists, production dates, etc.

2. Pharmaceutical industry: Coated paper labels play an important role in pharmaceutical packaging. It can provide consumers with key information such as the expiration date, usage method and production date of medicines.

3. Cosmetics industry: Coated paper labels play a role in beautifying products on the packaging of cosmetics, attracting consumers' attention and carrying relevant brand information.

4. Electronic product industry: coated paper labels can be pasted on mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products, carrying product name, model and brand information.


Coated paper labels have the following advantages:

Good printing effect: Coated paper labels have high-quality printing effect and can present detailed patterns and text.

High durability: The coated paper label adopts professional printing technology and high-quality materials, so it is very durable and not easy to fall off or be damaged even in harsh environments.

Good texture: Coated paper labels have a unique texture, smooth and flat surface, which can add a sense of quality to the product and improve its grade.

Environmental protection: The raw materials used in coated paper labels are recyclable materials, which are environmentally friendly.

In conclusion, coated paper labels are widely used in various industries and have many advantages. As a manufacturer, choosing to use coated paper labels will be a wise decision, because this kind of label can not only enhance the image of the product, but also provide useful information for consumers.

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