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Although the cashier's receipt is "small", it is very useful

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Cashier receipts can be said to be ubiquitous in our daily life. Whether we go out for shopping, dining, or ordering takeout at home, we will see receipts. Not only that, receipts also play various important roles in our daily lives.

Role 1: Transaction Credentials
"Transaction voucher" is the most essential functional attribute of a small ticket, and it is also the functional attribute that was first given and has continued to this day. As a transaction voucher, the "small ticket" plays a two-way role between the merchant and the consumer.

Consumers can use "receipts" to return and exchange goods within a specified period, issue invoices, etc., while merchants approve their consumption behaviors based on the small receipts presented by consumers, and provide them with after-sales services such as returns and exchanges, issuing invoices, etc.

Role 2: Parking fee deduction, voucher for participating in lottery activities
In addition to the attribute of "transaction voucher", the most common functional attribute given to "small ticket" in daily life is the voucher used for "deduction of parking fees" or as a voucher for "participation in lottery activities".

As more and more restaurants and shopping malls have introduced a strategy for customers to deduct parking fees with a "small ticket" after spending a certain amount, many friends who drive by car now go to restaurants to eat, and they will habitually ask a question The question of "whether the small ticket can be deducted from the parking fee" also shows that this move is very popular among consumers.

Role 3: Secondary Marketing Carrier
Friends who often visit Starbucks must have noticed that Starbucks' "receipts" are very long. In addition to the store information, order number, product information, bill data, invoice prompts, and payment data, you can often see them. "With this receipt, you can enjoy the promotion of 'buy one plus one' for seasonal beverages when you visit the store again within three days. Therefore, Starbucks tellers will often recommend customers to keep the cashier receipts.

Although some customers complained that Starbucks' receipts are too long, for Starbucks, it is undoubtedly a physical carrier that integrates "after-sales + secondary marketing".

Role four: advertising space
It is not uncommon for advertisements to be printed on "small tickets". For example, as early as 2012, Fuzhou Yonghui Supermarket printed catering advertisements on the back of the original blank receipts, testing the waters of "receipt advertisements" to expand its revenue channels.

Today, even "public service advertisements" appear on the receipts. For example, during the recent epidemic, the fire departments in many places joined many local supermarkets to incorporate well-arranged fire protection propaganda tips into the shopping receipts, turning the shopping receipts into "firefighting leaflets".

Role 5: Interactive Channel
In addition to discounts and advertisements, some businesses also use receipts as a bridge to communicate with consumers. For example, the boss of the tea brand "Tea Yanyuese" once responded to the false news of "joining investment" on his receipt in the form of a letter and in the style of a joke, and said "if you have money, go and sue them." , attracting many consumers to watch.

There is also the founder of the once-popular "Huang Taiji" who also launched the "Daily Proverbs" in the form of chicken soup for the soul on his receipt.

In addition, during the recent new crown epidemic, in order to cope with consumers' cautious psychology about food safety, and to reduce the cost of additional "safety cards" for catering merchants, the country's leading SaaS catering system service provider "Huala La", The template design of "Takeaway Safe Card" is added to the original takeaway receipt of the merchant, and the "Take Takeaway Safe Card" is used to accurately record the body temperature of the catering staff and delivery staff. On the one hand, it helps the restaurant to "throttle down" as much as possible.

From the above introduction, it is not difficult to find that the additional functional attributes of "Small Ticket" are being continuously excavated. Today's "Small Ticket" is not just a simple "transaction voucher", but a collection of "transaction vouchers". +Secondary marketing/advertising/interactive bridge" is a diversified information carrier, which is also playing an increasingly diverse role in our lives.

At the same time, as the uses of "receipts" become more and more diversified, merchants also have new and changing demands for the style and content of the receipts, and thus have higher and higher requirements for receipt printers, such as two-dimensional Code printing requirements, multi-language printing requirements, efficient printing speed and low energy consumption requirements, etc.

It is precisely because of the existence of the surging new demand that "Epson" [sy1], which has been at the forefront of information-related products such as printers, scanners, and projectors, has continuously innovated advanced technologies and launched a product that has been widely praised by the whole industry. "TM Series Micro Receipt Printer".

Epson's "TM Series Micro Receipt Printer" has made many innovations and innovations in product design, printing speed, clarity, and ease of operation. E.g:

- The volume is more fashionable and compact

Put the adapter inside the body, and the body is stylish and compact, saving space and suitable for narrow counter spaces.

-Higher printing speed, the highest speed can reach 200mm/s

The printing speed can reach up to 200mm/s (lab data), which is 33% faster than the previous generation TM series products (lab data), which greatly reduces the printing time of receipts and eliminates customer complaints of waiting.

- Unique design, easier to operate

The smooth and simple appearance design is not only waterproof, but also anti-collision. At the same time, the control keys are placed on the front side of the fuselage, which is more in line with daily operating habits.

-Automatic paper cutting function, more user-friendly

Configure the automatic paper cutting function, but keep the middle paper and leave a little uncut, which can effectively ensure that the ticket is not out of order or omitted, and at the same time prevent the generation of paper cutting debris.

- More flexible interface configuration

It can support Ethernet/USB/RS-232 interface to meet the needs of users' multi-purpose usage scenarios.

-Low consumables, low maintenance cost

Epson's "TM Series Micro Receipt Printer" also has an intimate paper-saving function, saving up to 30% of paper (laboratory data),

At the same time, the maintenance cost in the later period is also low, which can help businesses reduce operating costs to the greatest extent.

Reminder: those things you need to pay attention to when saving receipts!

Generally, POS machines use thermal paper to print receipts. If the coating of the thermal paper used for cashier receipts is uneven, the printing quality will be significantly reduced; if the chemical formula of the thermal coating for receipts is unreasonable, , it will also lead to a very short storage time of the printing paper.

Good thermal paper can be stored for 5 years after printing, and now there are long-lasting thermal paper that can be stored for 10 years, but if the formula of the thermal coating is unreasonable, it may only be stored for a few months.

Under normal circumstances, the thermal paper we come into contact with is relatively inferior and has a short storage time, so merchants and friends can store the receipt at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight (store it in an opaque paper bag, do not use Plastic bags, plastic bags are easy to transmit light and have chemical reactions). Most of the receipts in supermarkets are stored for about half a year, because in order to reduce costs, supermarkets generally do not use particularly expensive thermal paper.


As an existence that can be seen everywhere in daily life, "small ticket" can be said to have become a potential resource to be developed. Perhaps as long as you use it a little, you can achieve unexpected results.

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