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Advantages of thermal receipt paper

Time : 2021-09-08 Hits : 9

Thermal receipt paper is now widely used. In terms of advantages, thermal small ticket paper has the characteristics of fast printing speed, no noise, and low loss.

No noise when printing on thermal paper is also the advantage of thermal paper. When you get off a taxi and ask for a ticket, you will hear a "cracking" printing sound. If you use a thermal printer, you won't have this sound. Thermal printing is a quieter printing technology, which allows users to have a good working environment.

In addition, thermal printing is also faster than ordinary printing in terms of printing speed. For example, a cash register using thermal paper has a printing speed that is significantly faster than ordinary ink cartridge printers.

An industry insider said: “Like ATM machines, there are often many people in line, so thermal paper is also more suitable.” Another example is that when many passengers get off a taxi, they will feel that the speed of printing invoices is very slow, and they often have to wait more than a dozen. In seconds, the appearance of thermal receipt paper greatly shortened this time.

The protective coating is also critical to the life of the printer. It can absorb a part of the light that causes the thermal coating to produce chemical reactions, slow down the deterioration of the printing paper, and can protect the thermal components of the printer from damage, so choose a good thermal Sensitive paper is very important for prolonging the service life of the printer.

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