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Advantages and disadvantages of single water proof thermal paper

Time : 2023-02-01 Hits : 7

Single-proof thermal paper is a common type of thermal paper. Its low price and special functions make it popular with many customers. Moreover, its stability is better than other paper types. Let's give you a detailed answer.

Advantages and disadvantages of water proof thermal paper:

Advantages: water proof thermal paper, with white and clean surface, clear printing, simple waterproof, can meet the use requirements of ordinary retail, barcode printing, logistics and transportation, and its price is relatively cheap, which is popular with customers.

Disadvantages: The single-proof thermal paper can only be simple waterproof, and the storage time is short. During the printing process, because the surface is rough, the printing head will be damaged to a certain extent, so many customers do not understand why the sound of the machine is very small when using the three-proof, and the machine is loud when using the single-proof. These are all related to the thermal paper.

Single-proof thermal paper is generally made of ordinary materials, with white appearance, clear printing, simple waterproof, and can basically meet the requirements of general retail, barcode printing, logistics and transportation, and the price is cheap. Another advantage of the water-based adhesive of the heat-resistant paper is that there is not so much residue after it is pasted and torn down. Customers can select the thermal paper according to practical needs.

Expand knowledge:

Three-proof thermal paper: waterproof, oil-proof and alcohol-proof
Base paper: Gracindi white, blue
Glue: hot melt adhesive has good initial viscosity

Three-proof thermal paper, made of special surface material, has the function of three-proof (waterproof, oil-proof, anti-pvc). In addition, the three-proofing thermal paper uses hot-melt adhesive, which has better initial viscosity, and can be applied to some labeling base surfaces with uneven surface.

Relatively speaking, the water proof thermal paper also has many advantages. It is easier to tear it clean after pasting it, and there is not so much residue. So when purchasing the water proof thermal paper and the triple heat-resistant paper, you can choose according to your product needs.

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