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About the new type of anti-leakage paper-security paper introduction

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Security paper is a new type of anti-leakage printing paper and copy paper. Its appearance, thickness and weight are similar to ordinary printing paper and copy paper height. Security paper is essentially a special type of printing paper, which belongs to the category of confidential printing paper and anti-disclosure printing paper.


The appearance of anti-leakage printing paper and confidential copy paper that are popular in the market is very different from conventional printing paper. Either there is a wide metal band from top to bottom, or the surface is set with phosphor, or the surface of the paper is covered with barcodes. Etc., these designs without exception have brought certain obstacles to users. These designs have brought inconvenience to the daily information transmission in the confidential area, and the security paper has successfully avoided this kind of design. On the premise of meeting the enterprise's anti-leakage needs, it greatly meets the needs of users for printing and copying. , It is convenient for users to browse the information on paper, and the experience is the same as that of regular printing paper.

Security paper is essentially a security paper with the function of preventing theft of document information.

So what does the security paper look like?

The following is an introduction to the characteristics of security paper:

A. Security paper, the appearance of this kind of anti-theft security paper. Under normal light, we can see with the naked eye that there are many small, like metal wires distributed inside the paper. When the user picks up the paper and looks through the sun, many thin lines can be seen more clearly. These thin threads are actually fibrous threads of a composite magnetic inorganic substance, and the outside of each thin thread is coated with a thin glass coating. These composite magnetic fiber filaments have an average length of 3-7mm, a diameter of less than 0.02mm, and an average of hundreds of filaments distributed on each sheet of paper. These magnetic thin wires are the key material for the security paper to play the role of preventing information leakage. Under the influence of a specific magnetic field frequency, the corresponding resonance frequency and harmonic information will be generated. When the security gate detects these frequency information, an alarm will sound to remind the guard that there is a confidential document. Being taken away from the confidential area, this is the specific origin of the name of the anti-theft security paper;

B. The magnetic fiber thread embedded in the security paper allows the user to clearly see the anti-theft fiber thread in the paper, which serves as a warning and reminds the user that they should not be taken out of the confidential area;

C. The security paper has conventional A2, A3 and A4 specifications;

D. In order to meet the needs of different use environments, security paper is divided into conventional security paper and dust-free security paper. Conventional security paper can meet the printing, copying, writing and painting needs of ordinary users in the daily office area and production area. Dust-free security paper can meet the printing, copying, writing and painting needs of semiconductor manufacturing companies and ultra-clean and dust-free laboratory spaces. The general cleanliness can meet the needs of class 1000 clean rooms;

E. There are many colors for security paper to choose from, in addition to the regular white and green, blue, pink, yellow, etc. can be provided;

G. Security paper adopts unique and professional manufacturing technology to ensure that the composite magnetic fiber filaments in the paper will not float on the surface of the paper. The security paper is smooth and flat in appearance, moderate in thickness, and has the same touch as ordinary printing paper. The fiber filaments in the paper will not fall off, and it will not cause damage to users, printers and other equipment, and affect the use. Security paper can be used normally on all conventional printers on the market; security paper is compatible with existing office automation equipment (printers, fax machines)

H. When the security paper is used in conjunction with the security paper monitoring door, a single piece of security paper passes vertically through the center line of the 70 cm wide detection door channel, and the detection rate of the paper is higher than 99.9%;

I. In actual use, whether the security paper is put in a backpack or in clothes, or even folded twice, folded three times, crumpled into paper balls, torn into paper strips, and hidden in the soles of shoes, all of them will be detected. .

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