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How to choose computer printing paper

Time : 2022-08-05 Hits : 4

A good printer should also be equipped with good printing paper to print better results. On the contrary, bad printing paper will not only greatly reduce the printing effect and cause waste, but also cause damage to the printer, and even cause failure.

So how to choose computer printing paper? Generally, it is mainly considered from the number of grams, color, uniformity, smoothness, pH and single-sided or double-sided printing, specifically:

Purchase indicator 1: grams

The gram number of computer printing paper generally refers to the weight of the paper per square meter. The weight is determined by the pulp density. Therefore, for the same brand of computer printing paper, the higher gram number is better than the lower gram number. For example, 80g paper is better than 70g paper in terms of toughness and texture.

Purchase index 2: color

Computer printing paper is not the whiter the better. If the computer printing paper is too white or too blue, it may contain a large amount of fluorescent agent or bleaching powder, which is not conducive to normal reading and may also affect vision. For the Work Party and Student Party, it is very important for the paper to be pleasing to the eye, otherwise it may bring a certain burden to the eyes.

Purchase index 3: uniformity

Computer printing paper uniformity refers to the uniformity of paper fiber distribution. The higher the paper uniformity, the better the ink absorption. Such printing inks dry quickly and are not easy to stick and dirty.

Purchase index 4: smoothness

To judge the craftsmanship of computer printing paper, you can first touch the feel. If the paper is too smooth or rough, it will not be conducive to inking or fixing, and will affect the printing quality. Then pick up the paper and observe it against the light to see the thickness uniformity of the paper. The uneven thickness of the paper will also affect the printing quality to a certain extent.

Purchase indicator 5: pH

Computer printing paper is divided into neutral paper and acid paper according to the pH value. Acidic paper is a mixed pulp of wood pulp and straw pulp, which is easy to generate dust, pollute the printer, and is easy to change color, so it cannot be stored for a long time. The neutral paper is made of 100% wood pulp, with long fibers, good binding force, and not easy to have dust.

Purchase index 6: single-sided and double-sided

If there is a need for double-sided printing in daily life, remember to choose double-adhesive paper between single-adhesive paper and double-adhesive paper to ensure that the quality of each side does not fall.

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