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Hot selling thermal paper in Europe: tell you why to choose the source factory

Time : 2023-02-23 Hits : 9

As we all know, thermal paper is widely used in hotel catering system, POS terminal system, telecommunication system, medical system, banking system and other fields. Because of its portability, Thermal paper is widely accepted by customers in all fields. So why should we choose the source factory to purchase thermal paper? What are the advantages of the source factory?

1. Guaranteed quality

As a producer, Source Factory has passed ISO9001, CE, AAA, FSC and other certifications. From the warehousing of raw materials to the delivery of finished products, it has undergone strict quality control. Through continuous printing tests, professional inspectors have strictly screened the printing density, length, thickness, smoothness, whiteness and other quality control points of a series of paper products, such as thermal sensitive paper, cash register paper and printing paper, to ensure product quality.

2. Shorter delivery time

It eliminates the intermediate procurement link of traders and directly connects with the factory, which greatly shortens the communication time and reduces the communication cost. The number of excellent factory equipment is large and the production efficiency is high. According to our statistics, the delivery time of factories is usually 5-7 days shorter than that of traders.

3. Be able to meet diversified customization requirements

Today's end customers are more and more concerned about their brand and reputation, so the demand for customization is also increasing, and the demand is higher and higher. An excellent source factory can meet a variety of customization needs of thermal paper buyers, and it is convenient and fast without purchasing from multiple sources.

4. Low cost and large profit margin

The price of factory direct selling is lower than that of traders, leaving dealers more profit space and helping dealers to open target markets.
Suzhou Guanhua Paper Factory is a thermal paper manufacturer specializing in customization, with 20 years of experience. With a service team of 40 people and a daily output of 500000 rolls, the thermal paper produced is exported to more than 100 countries such as Europe and North America, with more than 10000 cooperative customers. If you have any needs, welcome to consult!

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