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Choose Guanhua because we believe in quality

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Movie ticket cooperation

Cooperative product: movie ticket

Product introduction: Suzhou Guanwei tickets movie tickets, pure wood pulp raw materials, environmental protection and health. Clear characters and long-term preservation. The paper does not drop powder, no paper scraps, and the paper feeds smoothly without paper jams. The color is full and not easy to fade. Can be rolled or folded movie tickets and tickets, can be processed horizontal or vertical tear line according to customer requirements, printing colors can be up to 8 colors.

Movie ticket advantages:

Customer evaluation: I am the person in charge of the Suzhou branch of Maoyan Movies. As a one-stop movie Internet platform under Meituan, Maoyan Movies integrates media content, online ticket purchases, user interaction and social networking, and movie derivatives sales. 70% of the market share of ticket purchases, one out of every three movie tickets is from Maoyan Movies, so the consumption of movie ticket paper is huge. After the trial and comparison of several products, the thermal film ticket paper produced by Guanwei was selected, mainly because the paper is smooth and flat, without paper jams, reducing damage to the print head, prolonging the service life of the print head, and choosing environmentally friendly brand raw materials , does not contain bisphenol A, environmentally friendly and harmless.

Movie ticket manufacturers selling points: movie tickets, stable quality, each movie ticket has been strictly tested, our company's regular stock, the same day the order is placed on the same day, and the customized category will be shipped within 8 working days. Suzhou Guanwei is dedicated to serving you and looking forward to cooperating with you.

Thermal paper cooperation

Cooperation product: thermal paper

Product introduction: Suzhou Guanwei small ticket thermal paper, 5 major advantages, clear printing and no paper jams, paper coating evenly for a long time, protecting the machine from hurting the head, the thermal paper roll is neat and full of meters, and environmental protection does not hurt the body.

Advantages of thermal paper:

Customer evaluation: I am the director of the material department of RT-Mart. As a large chain supermarket, RT-Mart has a spacious, bright and modern shopping environment, a simple shopping route in the shape of "Feng", and the vertical line in the middle of the word Feng is the main road. The horizontal line is the product division, and the clear product type label attracts the majority of customers. Our special cash register paper for the counter has always been custom-made by Guanwei. During the five-year cooperation period, it has been very pleasant. Guanwei thermal cash register paper has a long storage time and good waterproof effect. After soaking in water, oil or scraping back and forth, the printed handwriting is still clear, and Guanwei will always be selected.

Thermal paper case: Thermal paper is in massive inventory, so you don’t need to worry about the availability of goods. Accept customer site visits. If there are special requirements, personalized customization of thermal paper size, paper, etc. is also acceptable. More teams can help you customize logos, patterns, etc. to enhance your corporate image and increase your brand charm. If there is any after-sales problem, we will find out the cause of the problem within 24 hours, give a solution within 48 hours, concentrate on serving you, and look forward to cooperating with you.

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